Sunday, June 24, 2007


Last week I had the privilege of driving my friend and his mother to the airport. They were vacationing to see their family in California, but their flight was to Las Vegas, and they were going to drive from there. Their flight was at around 7 in the morning, which meant they had to get there very early (around 5:30). Speaking as someone who hasn't been inside an airport in more than 10 years, I consider myself disappointed.

The last time I was in an airport was when my grandparents flew in to spend some time up here. I can't remember which occasion it was or where they were flying in from, but I do remember meeting them at the airport. (Now that I think about it, it may have been Christmas.) Anyways, all of my airport encounters had been very interesting and worthwhile up to this point. Back then, we were able to go up to the gate and see our friends and family get on or off the plane and watch them walk into the terminal. No more. There are now roped off areas where non-ticketed people cannot go. Back then, we were able to go through the metal detectors and see the rest of the airport. No more. Now there are signs and checkpoints where non-ticketed people must stay behind and watch.

So, the only parts of the airport I got to see were the ticket counter, the parking lot, and the non-ticketed person's waiting area. What a joy... But I guess that's what happens when crazy people put bombs in their shoes and their carry-ons. I suppose if I really want to see the rest of the airport, I'll have to fly somewhere myself. Only problem is, where will I go?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Come, Holy Ghost

Many of you already know that this past Sunday was Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Easter. (Bonus points to anyone who can recite any of the lines of the song titled above. No Google-ing, please!) We had the opportunity on Sunday to go to Mass at a church who's feast day was Pentecost, Holy Ghost Church here in Knoxville. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and although we are not parishioners there, this celebration did involve us in a way.

One hundred years ago on Pentecost, at our current parish Immaculate Conception, the Bishop of Nashville (Knoxville wasn't it's own diocese until 1988) came to I.C. to announce that Holy Ghost would be formed. Knoxville's only Catholic church at the time was I.C., and the growth in the area made it necessary to have another parish.

One hundred years later on Pentecost, the current Bishop of Knoxville came to Holy Ghost to announce that a new parish would be formed out of Holy Ghost Parish. Holy Ghost had been opened in what was at the time North Knoxville, but now the growth of Knox County has extended "North Knoxville" much further north. This is of great interest to my family, since we live almost exactly five miles from where this new church will be located. It will be named St. Albert the Great, primarily after a saint (which unfortunately I know very little about), but also after a former pastor of Holy Ghost, Fr. Albert Henkel. He was instrumental in trying to find land for a new church in North Knoxville, so the bishop saw fit to name the new church after his patron saint. Clever, huh?

So, now that we will have a new church so close to home, we have been getting information about joining and becoming charter members. The new church begins it's existence on the 1st of July this year, and we will definitely be there. The future looks very promising for this new church, since it's pastor has been successful in creating the largest parish in the Diocese of Knoxville from scratch.

To end this post, I think I'll address the comment left by my grandfather the other day. We have become the "hooked" people you talked about. We have been to the Y at least eight times in the last two and a half weeks (I have actually been ten times, personally), and we are definitely hooked. We look forward to seeing you this summer, and showing off our new in-shape selves!