Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's That Time

Registration time that is...

Today was my day to register for classes for the Spring 2008 semester. If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you will remember how much I hate, HATE registration days! Well, this one was like all the others, except only to a lesser extent. I got most of the classes I wanted; there was one that I wanted to take but couldn't, because I had to take a different section of a lab that would have conflicted with the time. I was shocked to find earlier today that all the lab sections for Genetics had been filled before the lecture had been filled. Later I discovered that they added spots in each lab section, giving me the impression that someone had made a mistake. A BIG one... So, it worked in my favor that they changed the number of seats, since I was able to register!

So, here's what I will be taking next semester:

Genetics Lab

U.S. History II
College Physics II
Introductory Physics Lab II
Introduction to Christian Scriptures

I will be most interested in the Genetics and Scripture classes. I have had some background in Genetics from high school, but nothing compared to what I'm sure I will experience here. Also in high school, we were required to take Scripture our Sophomore year, but that class focused mainly on the Old Testament. I will be interested to go more in-depth into the New Testament, since I have relatively little experience, outside of what I have read and heard at Mass over my lifetime. What do y'all think???

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fall Colors

I was walking around campus today and couldn't help but notice all the beauty around me. I took a few pictures of all the color I found around where I live, and figured I would post them on here as well. Nothing else to blog right now, just look and enjoy!