Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 3: Resting and Preparing

After barely getting any sleep and managing to survive the pain of my sunburn, I woke up to find that almost everyone had finished breakfast already.  Thankfully there was some food leftover, which included possibly the best bacon I have ever tasted (thick cut, peppery, and smoked) and some kielbasa, among other things.  I had decided not to do anything in particular that day, besides rest and prepare for my PCAT, which I would be taking back in Knoxville the next day.  So after breakfast, I started looking at my study book a little bit.  It quickly became evident that I was exhausted, so I laid down for about a two or three hour nap, which felt so refreshing.

After waking up, I was able to get some more studying in, including finishing some practice test sections on-line.  I tried not to overwhelm myself, since cramming before a test never really works for me, so I took breaks and tried not to overdo it.  Fate intervened, and the once quiet house became noisy again as the great-grandchildren returned from their outing.  It became TV watching and relaxing time!

Of course, it also became snack time, since it had been a while since breakfast, and were there some yummy snacks!  My cousin Tarren (Aunt Dawn's daughter) and her family (husband Pete and kids Lucas and Grace) arrived at the dwelling during this time, and with them they brought the recipe for a delicious sweet bread and a dipping sauce.  The bread was made with beer, and was absolutely delicious when dipped in a sauce made of sour cream and mayonnaise, among other ingredients.  That along with some chips and homemade salsa (courtesy of Uncle Scott) made for an incredible snack.  This was followed by more lounging and TV watching before dinner time, which soon followed.

That night's dinner was again prepared by Aunt Dawn and her family.  The dinner would be pulled pork which was made in the crock pot using a unique recipe that included root beer.  I'm not a fan of root beer, so I was completely surprised when the pork turned out extremely tasty and tender, and I went back for seconds!  I can't remember the side dishes for this particular meal, but there were buns for those of us who wanted to turn the pork into sandwiches.

I kind of did a "dine-and-dash" sort of thing, since I had to drive back home before my PCAT the next morning.  Since I had to be at the testing center by 7:30 AM, I would need to leave Tuesday night, get to bed early, and wake up extra early.  I made great time coming home, and was able to get home at a reasonable hour to go to bed.  However, I ended up staying awake a little later than I wanted as I looked at some more testing material.  I was pretty tired after that, but had to sleep fast as I had set my alarm to 6:00.  After putting some aloe gel on my sunburn (which felt good and helped maybe a little bit), I settled in at home and fell asleep right away.

And that's how Day 3 ended!  It wasn't the most exciting or fun-filled day, but it was important that I be prepared for such an important test.  Stay tuned for Day 4 which will include my PCAT, among other things.

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Marcel said...

I had no idea that you got additional rest because the kids were out for a walk.

Now I understand why Tim calls you Mr. Food.